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شركات مؤسسات | دليل كيو التجاري
دليل كيو التجاري
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عرض المواقع الخاصة بالدولة: شركات السودان

Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari Dubai

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Mahgoub Sons Group

Mahgoub Sons Group was founded by the late Merghani Mahgoub, born in 1925 in Wadi Halfa. It is one of the Prime Leaders in the agricultural sector and food industry in Sudan today. The group was first focused on the agriculture sector but has since expanded into various sectors and industries from food packaging, manufacturing, and transport to media production and television. Owning 8 business units in five different industries, Mahgoub Sons Group has managed to position itself as a leader in The Sudan today…

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المنتجات الزراعية نوفر لك منتجات زراعية زيتية متعددة ذات جودة عالية ومن مصادر امنة لتختار منها الأفضل وبسعر تنافسي لن تجده في أي مكان أخر.

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متخصصة في الديكورات، التصميم، السيطرة على تآكل التربة، أنظمة الري، والجدران الإستنادية

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وادي جنى للإنتاج الزراعي والحيواني

مشروع وادي جنى للإنتاج الزراعي والحيواني تأسس المشروع عام ٢٠١٧ في مدينة الدامر بالقرب من مدينة عطبرة في ولاية نهر النيل. ويربط المشروع شارع اسفلتي معبد يبعد فقط حوالي ٤ كلم شرقي الطريق الرئيسي الرابط بين الخرطوم – عطبرة – بور سودان. يروى المشروع عن طريق شبكة من الترع الرئيسية والتي تجري المياه مباشرة من نهر النيل اليه، وأما الكهرباء فتصل للمشروع من الشركة الرئيسية الرسمية لولاية نهر النيل وبالتالي فان هذا المشروع يتميز بسهولة وصول الماء والكهرباء اليه وأيضا سهولة الوصول اليه عن طريق اسفلتي خاص به يوصله بالخط السريع الذي يربطه بميناء بور سودان مباشرة.

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CONCERN CONSTRUCTION & INVESTMENT CO. LTD. Concern Construction and Investment Company Limited was founded to fill the gaps within the market by offering advanced solutions and methodologies. MISSION: Towards integrated solutions to achieve measurable, predictable and sustainable results for our clients. VISION: "Dedication is Excellence" is the way how we perceive things.

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Himar for development co

شركه هايمار للتنمية المحدودة انشأت في 2009 تعمل في المجالات الهندسية المختلفة والإستيراد والتصدير وغيرها من المجالات

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ACOMMASE works on contingency planning and evacuation training. We liaise with all international and local entities like Civil Defense of Sudan and the Ministry of Mining and Energy. We have a large database in the field of research and fire histories including videos. Manuals etc.

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Repairing in riyadh

Looking for reliable maintenance and repairing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? Look no further than our team of highly experienced professionals. We specialise in a wide range of services, from electrical and repairing washing machines, maintenance and more. In addition, our team holds a range of certifications and qualifications that demonstrate our expertise in the field. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your appointment.

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Canar is a well-established provider of communications services established in April 2005 in the name of Canar Telecommunication Co. Ltd. Canar uses cutting edge technologies such as Next Generation Network (NGN) and Wireless Loop (WLL), our products and services include voice, data, internet and multimedia services. Canar is in the forefront of operators being one of the few to deploy NGN as the base of the network and is one of the first to do so in Africa. Canar is a telecommunication company that provides you with hi-end telecom technology with a friendly touch at affordable prices. We are committed to the Sudanese people by helping them communicate better, more often at low cost and their businesses to grow and prosper. Canar has set out to make out of Sudan a strategic hub in Africa and the Region that links major African countries with renowned global submarine cables networks such as Flag, Falcon, EASSY and others. Our friendly call center agents are always glad to receive your calls for any information or inquiry you might have.

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Social Responsibility programme is an internal voluntary programme common within many corporates, organisations and institutions. The programme is predominantly based on the business philosophy that promotes the principal of organisation success is no longer measured by how productive or profitable one organisation is, or to what extent that organisation is committed and abides by safety and security measures and rules, neither to what extent the organisation is environment-oriented. The philosophy actually transcends all the aforementioned, as its core is about the level of contribution of these organisations, corporates and institutions to the development of the societies and environment where they operate.

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وكالة بروزاينر للدعاية والإعلان

وكالة بروزاينر وكالة سودانية تأسست عام 2019 في الخرطوم – السودان كوكالة إبداعية، تتكون من فريق عمل سوداني يمتلك المهارات ويتخصص في مجال تصميم الجرافيك، كما يقدم خدمات الموشن جرافيك وتصميم المواقع الالكترونية وادارة السوشيال ميديا، ادار الحملات الاعلانية، بأعلى معايير الجودة .

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Our services are based on ensuring mastery and quality, not only to satisfy our clients renewed needs and to present the best products; but also to fulfill our long term vision. Full Brand Identity We create distinguishable brand identities that reflect our clients’ personas. At their request, we create logos, business cards, file jackets etc. High Quality Printings We have great experience in printing, just send us your design and desired dimensions and we promise you high quality printings that will surpass your expectations. Office Branding If you are thinking of re-branding your office, we might be your best choice! Whether you’re looking for a fancy or joyful office appearance, we are here to serve you. Event’s Branding Our team has a long experience in events branding. Our services range from creating a brand identity to printing roll-ups, posters and brochures. Vehicle’s Branding We create vehicles branding of high quality that will your company’s vehicles stand out! Advertising Gifts Our giveaways are quite diverse, including notebooks ,key chains and everything you ask for and more. Web & Apps Graphics Our graphic designers not only create creative designs, but designs that reflect the client’s personal perfectly. Campaign Design We design brochures, make giveaways and printings for all types of campaigns

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CTC Group

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Mierag Space Technologies Co

There are continuous changes and challenges in our world, these challenges are mostly changeable and more complicated. Advance technologies, combined with Innovation is highly required form professional Service Providers. MIERAG is one of these Providers.MIERAG Space Technologies Company has been founded since 2002 as complete Geomatic and Geo-spatial Sudanese company. Since that, it has filled the gap and positioned itself as the leading Geo-spatial service provider in Sudan.MIERAG turning ideas into realsuccessful applications, through a combination of proven expertise, advance technologies, trusted advice, comprehensive approaches, sustainability, and reasonableprices. Our services comprise broad sectors of Geomaticand Geo-spatial Services, starting from Land SurveyWorks and field GIS Data collection, Remote Sensing and Aerial data acquisitionand applications, Digital Topographic and thematic Mapping, Geographic Information System (GIS) Geo-database Modelling - Design –Analysis and solutions, up to web base GIS applications.

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BALTIC CONTROL® IS A LEADING GLOBAL INSPECTION, TESTING AND CERTIFICATION COMPANY. We are internationally recognized and operate through a network of offices and trusted representatives across all regions of the world. شركة مساح دولي معتمد من الهيئة السودانية للمواصفات والمقاييس للعمل في السودان لإجراء عمليات التفتيش لمختلف المنتجات في جميع أنحاء العالم والتي يتم استيرادها إلى السودان وإصدار شهادات المطابقة لها

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M-Aviation Services co

M-Aviation Services Co Ltd presents its compliments to your esteemed Co. from Sudan, hoping it will be the start of long -term fruitful business relationship. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our services. We are a leading investment company in the field of General Services ,and international Air, Sea and local freight forwarding industry. Ten years ago, the company started running this business until it accomplished its current position in this kind of industry.

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ESNAD Company

For more than a decade ESNAD commitment to uphold our values has underpinned the way we approach our business, shape our operations, actions and decisions. While it is easy to state corporate values, it is the way we implement them that makes the difference. Uphold our values includes striving to protect the health and safety of our employees as well as protecting and preserving the environment and the communities in which we live and work for current and future generations. It also means assessing not only what we accomplished, but how we did it. We must ask ourselves, did we come by our success honestly, ethically and with integrity?. These values position ESNAD as a partner and employer of choice.

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Sea Pride Enterprises

Established as a family business in 1932 by the late Ahmed Sidki Salieh, Sea Pride Enterprise (formally known as Sea Prince Enterprise) is the longest serving shipping service provider in Sudan. Initially focused on shipping supplies to vessels calling at Port Sudan port, today SPE has grown to become one of the leading shipping supply and logistical service providers in the country. SPE still continues to grow to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients. We aim to continuously expand our services, enhance our highly qualified personnel and add to our decade long experience to meet the ever increasing demands of the shipping industry today. Our increasing operations now reach five major cities in Sudan, as well as new overseas operations in Greece, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. At SPE we realize that constant development coupled with service reviews and improvement are essential for our long term plans both in the local and global markets.

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