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دليل كيو التجاري
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GCS Cleaning Services LLC has years of excellence in providing the best quality cleaning, maintenance, and technical services. We know that trust and dependability are two significant factors to boost a business, and we have combined both of these qualities to serve our clients. We have thousands of happy customers in Dubai. We have certified maids, cleaners, and technicians to complete the task with 100% proficiency. Our trained team members meet all the deadlines and provide the best results to exceed your expectations. We have aimed to leave a positive impression by delivering the best services. Call us or send us an email to hire a team of our expert technicians and cleaners!

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Socotra Holidays and Tours

Socotra Holidays and Tours is an extremely innovative company offering a number of services whether for individual traveler, groups and travel agencies. And the service is our motto. So we are able to tailor tours to meet all our clients' wishes.

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Kerala Pravasi Association Trust

Kerala Pravasi Association exists to alleviate poverty by enabling the world to give. Established in 2022. KPA enables individuals and organizations to offer funds conveniently to any cause they care about, with offerings including crowdfunding, corporate giving. KPA's community have supported many verified people across the country.

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Arab Divers

Arab Divers is one of Jordan’s best-known family friendly dive resorts for very good reason: we love our jobs. Diving is our number one attraction – with over 20 Aqaba dive sites just a short boat ride or shore dive away, our veteran leaders offer guided excursions and padi SCUBA courses for every diver level and interest.

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Land Construction Company

Land Construction Company strives to be the leading civil construction, earthwork, infrastructure, Surveying, and mapping firm in Saudi Arabia by providing clients with expertise, value, and the latest technology in all work. From concept to completion, we will provide exceptional service and work closely with both clients and contractors to achieve outstanding constructed projects for the client, public, and environment to enjoy for years to come. LCC takes pride in producing high-quality Civil Construction, Earthwork Construction, Infrastructure Construction, Road Construction and Highway Construction, Temporary Site Offices and Camp Facilities, Fence Construction and Installation, Landscaping and Hardscaping Work, Topographic Survey, GIS Mapping, Cadastral Survey, Geodetic and Control Survey, Quantity Survey, Settlement and Alignment Survey, Mining Survey, Aerial Survey and Mapping, Lidar Mapping, Hydrographic Survey, Bathymetric Survey, 3D Laser Scanning, Underground Mapping GPR Survey, LV Cables, MV Cables, HV Cable and EHV Electrical Cables Installation, Power Equipment Installation and Electrical Testing and Commissioning, AutoCAD drawings, ArcGIS drawings, and 3D models with a survey solution tailored to the specific needs of your project. Each member of our team promotes our company policies and is a “walking talking” advocate of what we do. In turn, they are fully supported in their personal development within our growing company. We supply our Services in the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and including all cities.

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vape dubai king

Vape dubai king is a retail Vape shop in Dubai. Address- Al Barsha 1, UAE. We deliver all over the UAE. Our retail outlet specializing in selling electronic cigarette products. Our best selling products are disposable vape, pod system, Juul, iqos, heets, myle, e-liquid, yuoto disposable, pod salt disposable, veiik micko, vgod, vape coil, vape device, etc.

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RheinBrücke Technology

MeRLIN is an integrated solution for Direct & Indirect Sourcing with Supplier Relationship Management, Sourcing Automation and Planning augmented by Advanced Analytics.

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"Propr uses powerful tech, with a human-touch to maximise property value on the short-term rental market. We manage 500+ properties in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Dubai"

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DUBAI COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY - Lifts and Escalators Contracting UAE

Pick from this thorough list of the best lift contracting companies in the UAE. They have assisted consumers in a variety of industries, and they will guarantee the best service for you as well. You can use their assistance for a range of services. They have assisted several customers in the market, and you can choose the top names from our list to help you with your unique requirements. These companies will assist you in leveraging market expansion with increased efficiency and have the resources to assist their clients with a range of lift contracting demands.

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We shape hardware and software for the future Our company has been around for a while — since 1983, much before customer experience was a buzzword. Our resources, innovations and technologies are focused to create a great digital experience between businesses and their customers in banks, telecommunications, governments, healthcare, utilities, and retails, to evolve the physical customer journey through all possible touchpoints.

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Soleil Building Contracting LLC |Top Construction Company in Dubai

Soleil Building Contracting LLC is the top construction company in Dubai. Soleil Building Contracting LLC provides excellent customer service in all projects.

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Profizio IT Solutions

Profizio IT Solutions specializes in Custom Web, App Design, and Development Services. Experts in providing innovative Digital Solutions for the growth of Businesses across the Globe.

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albarouda home appliance

We specialize in the repair of washing machines and other home appliances. We have 19 years of experience repairing refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, and other household appliances. We offer all types of home appliance repairs. We specialize in dryer, washer, and air conditioner repair, as well as vacuum cleaner repair, ice cream maker repair, oven repair, stove repair, and cooker repair.

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Dynamics Solution and Technology - Microsoft Dynamcis 365

Dynamics Solution and Technology is a leading Microsoft Gold partner company delivering customer success centric Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions in the USA, Europe (UK), Gulf (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar & Bahrain), Asia (Malaysia, India, Pakistan), and Africa (South Africa and Mauritius).

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Brosis International

Brosis International are Indian manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Security products like Anti-Terriorist Security Equipments, Defence Security Equipments, Defence Campus Entrance Secuirity Products, Road Security Equipments, Buildings Malls Security Equipments, Historic Place Building Security Equipments, Under Vehicle Surveillance System, Under vehicle Scanning Systems, UVSS Security System, UVSS monitoring System, Under Vehicle drugs & weapons Detection, 2D 3D Under Vehicle Surveillance System, Crash Rated Bollards, Stainless Steel Crash Rated Bollards, Anti-Ram Crash Rated Bollards, Automatic Rising Bollards, Embassy Security Equipment, Traffic Blocking Bollard, Hydraulic Rising Bollards, Pneumatic Bollards, Blocking Bollards, Active Blocking Bollard, Automatic Retractable Bollards, Traffic Blocking Bollard, Parking Bollards, Pavement Bollards, Anti-Terriorist Bollards, Anti Terror Automatic Bollard, Defence Entrance Security Bollards, Automatic Road Security Bollard, SS Fixed Bollard, Stainless Steel Parking Bollards, K12 Crash Rated bollards, K8 Crash Rated bollards, K4 Crash Rated bollards, K12 Crash Rated Fixed bollards, Anti-Ram Road Blockers, Crash Rated Road Blockers, Shallow Mounted Road Blockers, K12 Crash Rated Road Blockers, K4 Crash Rated Road Blockers, Axle Breaker, Axle Breaker for vehicles, Hydraulic Axle Breaker, Tyre Killer, Automatic Tyre Killer, Tyre Bruster, Spike Barrier, Pneumatic Tyre Bruster Tyre Killer, Automatic Portable Spike Barrier, Anti-Ram Sliding Gate, Crash Rated Sliding Gate, Defence Security Sliding Gates, Anti-Ram Boom Barrier, Crash Rated Boom Barrier, Fully Automatic Boom Barrier, Defence Security Boom Barriers, Road Boom Barriers, Traffic Bollards, Traffic Fixed Bollards, Parking Bollards, Road Safety Bollards, Pavement Bollards, Oneway Barrier, Oneway Tyre Killer Spikes Barrier, Flap Barriers, Turnstile, Cantilever Sliding Gate, Telescopic Sliding Gate, Automatic Sliding Gate, Automatic Swing Gate, Swing & Sliding Gates Motors, Garage Doors, Column of Control and Management, Truck Wheel Stopper / Vehicle Restraint etc in India Punjab Ludhiana. Mobile: +919888884455, +919988884455

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Professional Cleaning Services Company

Dubai Clean is a certified cleaning in Dubai to meet your everyday cleaning requirements. Our industry-leading cleaning company is a top choice of customers for commercial and residential cleaning purposes. We offer citywide cleaning services 24×7. You can hire our experienced crew members to get the best services on your flexible routine. As we are creating a long-lasting impression with professional cleaning services, we have become a top-tier cleaning company in Dubai. Hire our professional and fully vaccinated team members to create a clean indoor environment in just a few hours!

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AGAC Interiors

Interior Designing In Kochi. AGAC Interiors is interior designers started in Kerala

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Trading ERP Software in Dubai | EBR Software

To keep up with the growth in the business every enterprise requires planning on the allocation of resources. If your business has multiple databases, it might be time to streamline the information from each department and opt for the centralization of the database. Whether you are looking for a restaurant or supermarket POS Software, inventory management, or trading ERP software in Dubai, EBR software might be able to find the right kind of solution for your business. EBR Software specializes in implementing EPR with your database systems and also provides HR & payroll software. For further information…. Visit our website or Call Us on +971526986110 Services Offered are Restaurant POS Software Supermarket and Retail Software Salon POS Software HR and Payroll Software Trading ERP Software Inventory Management Software Construction ERP Software Real Estate ERP Software

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House cleaning

Hire pro maids of House Cleaning services in USA is just one click away! Feel free to reach for assistance

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In the process of synergizing the talents and being a part of all levels of the recruitment ecosystem from being a recruiter to supplying the top caliber to the top brands in the MENA region hiring for the multiple levels from three continents have made us caliber (Talent) centric and a bridge between the job seekers & employers by upholding the core values of the industry. In adherence to our ethics and commitment, our caliber hunters utilize the core segmented market network to source the highly skilled staff for your business needs.

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