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دليل كيو التجاري
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Zeedent Polyclinic FZE

Zee Dent is one of the reputed dental clinics in Dubai Silicon Oasis where it offers all dental solution such as root canal, dental implants and many more… using latest technology and equipment

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At Homesmiths, you'll find hundreds of products covering every area of home improvement, from the top brands you know and trust. Homesmiths' range of products includes house wares, hand and power tools, plumbing and electrical supplies, paint and painting supplies, plus automotive supplies, and more. Homesmiths stores also feature seasonal items, including garden supplies. We want to be your trusted first choice for all your home improvement needs. It's a goal we strive for every day by treating you with courtesy, respect and professionalism. Our friendly personal help is always available; whether you've got a complex project or simple question, we're there for you.

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Web Synergies

Web Synergies is a leading digital transformation solutions provider based out of Singapore, offering services and consultation to drive sales and productivity.

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Capital Plus Auditing of Accounts

Capital Plus Auditing of Accounts is providing premium tax and accounting services in Dubai. Our team has the knowledge & expertise to handle tax or accounting work at all levels. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals is fully equipped with all the necessary expertise to help individuals, small & medium businesses, and entrepreneurs to solve all the financial & accounting issues. We’re here to help you save more on taxes, and spend less time and money on accounting, so you can focus on your business.

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Pronto Translation Agency

Pronto specializes in Arabic, French, English and Spanish translation and language services. It provides corporate clients and individuals around the world with quality professional services based on the values of accuracy, liability, and integrity in a quick and timely manner. We offer all sorts of language services tailored to the clients' needs, whether they involve general, medical, financial, legal, or technical translation, certified translation, editing and proofreading, localization and interpretation.

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Instate Media Pvt. Ltd.

Instate Media is an exhibition stand contractor company that provides its clients with a wide range of exhibition stands and helps them build their brand image in the show and gain new clients.

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Lifestyle Fine Jewelry

We specialize in certified diamonds, pearls, precious & semi-precious stones, 18k gold and customized handcrafted jewellery. Our brands stand for the distinctive quality and superb cut Inspired by nature. Each individual masterpiece is meticulously crafted with an epitome of stylish elegance and is infused with emotion, flashing brilliantly from the wearer. We bring innovative concepts and latest trends to our jewelry and timepieces. In 2006 the company embarked on a project to expand and position itself in the medium to high end market. In order to achieve this, the product base was changed and all outlets have been renovated. Additionally the corporate identity has been revised. Lifestyle Fine Jewelry is positioned to continue its policy of future expansion. By the end of 2025 Lifestyle is scheduled to have 50 Outlets in the UAE and The Kingdom of Bahrain.

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Travel Saga

Travel Saga is a fast growing Tours and Travel company based in Dubai offering the best sightseeing tours including morning and evening desert safari, discount tickets for theme parks, helicopter tour and many more. We are experts in providing affordable tours for families and friends to explore Dubai. We know that traveling can be overwhelming with all the options available to you. That's why we offer the best tours at the most affordable price!

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جامعة ولونغونغ في دبي

جامعة ولونغونغ في دبي هي جامعة خاصة تأسست في سنة 1993 في دبي لتصبح أول جامعة دولية وأسترالية في الإمارات. تحظى الجامعة بتاريخٍ حافل على مدى 27 عاماً، وتقدم الجامعة شهادات معترف بها دولياً ومعتمدة لدى مفوضية الاعتماد الأكاديمي التابعة لوزارة التربية والتعليم في الإمارات، ومرخصة من هيئة المعرفة والتنمية البشرية وتضمن جودتها وكالة جودة ومعايير التعليم العالي. تمنح الجامعة درجتي الدكتوراه والماجستير بالإضافة إلى البكالوريوس وبعض الشهادات التخصصية. تتميز جامعة ولونغونغ في دبي بطاقم تعليمي رفيع يمتلك أفضل المؤهلات العلمية ويتكون كلياً من الحاصلين على شهادة الدكتوراه والقادة في مجال خبرتهم، وممن يمتلكون علاقات عالمية وصناعية متينة. وينشط أعضاء هيئة التدريس في الجامعة في مجال البحوث، إذ يشاركون في أنشطة بحثية ضمن 100 مجال مختلف. تعتبر جامعة ولونغونغ في دبي من الجامعات الأسترالية الأعلى تصنيفاً في الإمارات، وتضم حالياً أكثر من 3,500 طالب من 108 جنسية مختلفة ومجتمعاً عالمياً يشمل 152 ألف خريج.

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Duplicate Key Maker Nearby

A duplicate key maker is a shop that offers a service to duplicate keys. This is usually done by copying the physical key, but some shops may also offer key cutting by code. This can be useful if you need an extra key for your home or office, or if you have lost your key and need a replacement. Call KME Locksmith Dubai 0529533381 for the most reliable Locksmith Services

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ديزرت تورز للسفر والسياحة

تنظيم الجولات السياحية

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Blue Tree Clinics

Our chiropractic care is designed to help patients of all ages and conditions. We’ll help you achieve a state of optimal health by working with your spine and using a gentle, non-invasive approach that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery. The most common concerns our patients seek help includes Sports injuries, Neck pain, Arm pain, Numbness or tingling, Scoliosis, Low and mid back pain, chest pains, Sciatica, Leg pain & Migraines.

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First Cental Dubai

First central is the NO.1 Hotel in Dubai which offers top facilities. Come and enjoy Dubai with us. We are the top Hotel in Dubai with top views.

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Speed Blast

We pride ourselves in being the one stop destination for high precision and technologically advanced contemporary products such as garnet, water jet abrasive, steel grit etc. We empower our clients with the right mix of strategic products at the opportune time to help them leverage their potential optimally. Our focus is on enhancing the productivity of our clients with cost efficient products.

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Benchmark Attestation Services

Benchmark, Best Document Attestation Services in Dubai. Expedited Apostille & Certificate Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai for UAE Visa

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موردو ومصنعو صمام الفراشة - VALTECCN

VALTECCN هي شركة تصنيع وتوريد صمامات الفراشة الصناعية التي توفر جميع أنواع صمامات الفراشة.

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Aulten digital private limited

Get good quality volatge stabilizers from us. Aulten Digital, India's "Most Preferred" and "Most Awarded" brand, has introduced a full line of energy-efficient automated voltage stabilizers. We seek to be the best voltage stabilizers suppliers and manufacturers.

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NAZAM Maintenance and Cleaning Company in Daubai

NAZAM is a technology platform that brings a variety of home maintenance and lifestyle services closer to the customer. It is a one-stop destination with 24X7, on-time, cost-effective and secure services at the customer’s doorstep. Our team spends most of the time understanding customers’ behaviours and incorporating new technology features to provide a rich experience every time you visit Our services include electrician, plumber, handyman, painter, AC services, maid services, professional cleaning services, pest control, laundry, packers & movers, electronic repairs, home appliance repairs, interior renovation and many other local services. We are constantly working on updating our services and increasing the service network. Currently, our services are available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and soon be available in other emirates. Our service professionals are selected based on their experience and on-boarded after a professional background verification, to make sure that our customers get good value for their money spent and feel safe at the same time. With a large service provider base, on-time services, flexible pricing, and service guarantee, Nazam ensures complete customer satisfaction.

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Klick Project Management (Interior Fit-Outs)

Klick UAE is an interior fit out company in Dubai that constructs beyond simple fit out with smart innovative and unique approach to broad array of businesses. Avail our customer focused services.

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hard drive recovery dubai

Uaetechnician value offering a seriously estimated, quick, productive, and dependable fix administration with no concealed expenses. Our team are experienced Laptop service center in Sharjah , Laptop service Sharjah Laptop repair Sharjah , Laptop repair in Sharjah, affable and exceptionally proficient architect are prestigious for furnishing clients with a full scope of apparatus fix work, did to the best expectations. So allow us to substantiate ourselves since we are known to be best dubai hardware fix organization.

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